Why do some people heal and others don’t?

Attitude is everything. There is no other truth when it comes to health. It is our attitude that determines our helath and quality of life in every sense.

Allow me to explain myself.

There are three kinds of people, which according to their attitudes will either get healed or won’t.

1.- The pessimist.

This kind of person is always depressed, is always the victim of circumstances, blames everyone and everything for her current condition, and suffers deeply. If she sees others being happy, she feels unhappy, unworthy and like a loser. She has no self esteem and no willingness to live. Becomes angry and agressive with no apparent motive, she feels inferior in comparison to other people. She usually thinks something like “It doesn’t matter what I do, It will never work”, “I knew things would go wrong”, etc. this person usually gives up before even trying to do something and expresses things like “I (or things) can’t change, it’s impossible”, “Nobody cares about me anyway”. This kind of person is always looking for validation and compassion from others, she tries to manipulate and control others to get it, and if she doesn’t get it, then she looses her mind, becomes violent and agressive. She usually thinks life has nothing to offer her, that there is no valid reason to experience life, that she already know everything there is to know. She usually gets close to people with similar mindset looking for validation. However all she manages to create is a club of victims of life.

2.- The fighter.

This kind of person is the one that is always fighting, for her life is a constant battle, and she refuses to give up, she will preffer to die fighting than to surrender. This attitude and extreme determination makes her experience extreme episodes of pain and agony. She desires to live with all her might and expresses things like “I will beat this”, “This will never defeat me”, “No matter how I do this, I will become vitorious or die trying”. They become obsessed with their own battles.

However deep inside she fears defeat. She usually feelss alone and doubtful. The word “hope” is her biggest motivation and hangs on to it like a life jacket in the middle of the ocean.

3.- The master of circumstances.

This is the kind of person that lives “with filosophy”, she’s always calm and relaxed. She knows that her illness is not a lifes coincidence, and it is not a reason to become angry or lonely. She knows that illness is nothing more than a bodily response signaling that there is an important lessson beind it. This lesson will allow her to make the specific changes that need to be done in her life. She’s not in a hurry to make illness go away, but instead observes consciously how this illness manifests. Her attitude towards her ailment is never negative, even if its physically painful. She listens to what the body is expressing, learns from it and acts accordingly. She recognizes that she created this situation, by acting unconsciously and by habit. However she doesn’t feel guilty about it and never punishes herself. Death is not something to be feared but something that we all are walking towards and will go through.

This kind of person usually has an affinity to meditation, energetinc healings, shiatsu, tai chi, yoga, etc. She knows that whatever illness she’s having will eventually disappear once she has learned her lesson and acted accordingly to what was necessary.

If we take a close look to these three kinds of people, its easy to see which one will heal easily and which one will not.

A)     Pessimists have little hope of healing or finding a cure as long as they don’t change their attitude. They may be physically healthy, however this attitude and their emotions will consume them soooner or later. Living this way is not living but surviving. Their own irresponsibilty towards their own emotional habits and actions only encourage their victimhood. This is why thay are always at the mercy of whatever happens and will never take control of their lives and health. This kind of person has little hope of healing.

B)      Warriors have a high probability of getting healed thanks to their tenacity and positive atitude. However there is a deep fear of failure and they know it. This is why this kind of people always have a “plan B” and even C, D and F; “just in case”. This mindset will allow them to accept defeat but not without feeling that they gave their best.

The fact that they think positively is based on fear of failure, the idea of “I don’t want to go through that”, which is not enough for the body to trigger a healing response. This dicotomy gives the body opposite signals. On one hand they think “this will heal me” but on the other “if it doesn’t work I’ll try something else”.

Since fear is behind their emotions and the whole process, it is the one creating their ailment.

C)      Masters recognize that any illness is nothing more than an important lesson that their bodies and life are trying to deliver. They may need to make some important changes. They accept this without feeling guilty or victims, then they act acccordingly. They usually get healed of whatever ailment they experience, even cancer or other fatal illnesses.

My experience

Looking at the three types types of people, I was the exact description of the second type. Thanks to my masters teachings I was able to understand the nature of the third and slowly move towards it.

After 5 years of learning from him, I understood that my unconscious emotions and attitudes were of the second type. I even began to call it the “tireless warrior syndrome”. For me, life, from the very moment of my conceiving was a perpetual struggle. Everything I always set my mind of doing and reaching I always did, however I always ended up too tired to enjoy the benefits of my victories. Mi “fight against celiac disease” was not the exception and I finally understood that in order to fix this ailment my attitude towards life needed to change.

Besides the “tireless warrior syndrome” I also had an other big problem, and this was the desire to control everything, only by doing that (by believing I was doing it because it is impossible) I felt secure. I wasn’t aware that the desire for control was rooted on fear, which made me live every day of my life under deep stress. And I wasn’t aware of it!

By consciously observing that desire for control, I realized that it manifested on each and every facet of my life. And even worse on my “fight against celiac disease”. Again, my perception towards this condition was as a fight, or as something I needed to defeat, instead of understanding that there was something deeper that I needed to learn.

My obsession for controlling what I ate and the reactions it caused me became so big that it was actually fueling the condition. It got to a point that even consuming things without gluten brought to me the same reactions and the ailment kept getting worse.

By having extremely profound spiritual experiences I began to understand the nature of the third kind of person and the more I understood, the closer I got to it. Ever since that moment, my health began to improve and I began taking steps towards my own healing.

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