Why body cleansings?

One of the most popular questions I get on my spanish blog is “why do you recommend doing body cleanses?”, “what benefits have you got from doing them?”, “How does body cleansing relate to celiac disease?” and other similar ones.

There are many different procedures to cleanse the body, some are general cleansings, and others are oriented for cleansing specific organs within the body. If you recall the health tetrahedron, it considers every aspect of our whole being in order to be fully healthy. What I will talk about is aimed directly at the physical level. I will talk about our emotions and the impact they have on celiac disease on a separate post.

The first thing we need to understand is that our body is a living conscious being, and it works even better than the best and most complex machine we have ever created. It has the ability to heal and restore itself. However if we poison it by eating a huge amount of animal products and industrialized products, it will get filled up by toxins. This is as if a gasoline engine was supplied with diesel. It would be a miracle for it to work, and if it did, it will probably break down quickly beyond repair.

We must understand that our bodies, and therefore we, are naturally herbivores, however we have adapted to be onmivores.

Why are we hervibores?

  • The shape of our teeth corresponds to the shape of herbivores. Our jaw is able to move up and down and also saideways, which allows us to cut and grind our food. Carnivores can’t do that, they can only move their jaws up and down in order to cut their food.
  • We don’t have a carnivore instinct. If we see an animal we don’t feel the urge to kill it and eat it. It’s not in our nature. We don’t crave for raw animal flesh.
  • We are not biologically equipped to hunt. We don’t have claws or fangs. (Yes we do have fangs, but they are at the same level of the rest of our teeth, unlike true carnivores which have way longer fangs). We don’t crave for raw animals. We don’t eat them with their skin, furr or feathers on. We don’t eat their guts raw. If we wish to eat animals we do so by cooking them first.
  • Our intestine is way longer than the intestine of a carnivore. This makes our food pass through way slower than carnivores. This way carnivores avoid long digestion, meaning their food doesnt have enough time to decompose inside of them, as it does inside of us.
  • Carnivores don’t suffer from high cholesterol, heart disease, uric acid, or any other aillment linked to excesive intake of meats. Etc.

If you watch this great talk, you’ll understand this way better. It’s a long video but totally worth it. It will show you why a vegan diet is a great option.

Why is doing body cleanses recommended?

Now that you understand all of this, we can jump right into why it is important to do body cleansings and their relationship with celiac disease.

Allow me to use this analogy. I already said that the body is a perfect machine, let’s compare it to an other machine we are all familiar with: an automobile.

What happens to your car if you use bad quality oils, aditives and fuel? Or what if you use those that were created for other type of machines, like planes or buses? Obviously they won’t work and your car will inevitably break down.

If you look at how people take care of their car, people that actually do take care of it are always looking to use the best products in order to keep it at top performance. They service it periodically in order to keep it from wearing down. When the car has a long mileage it requires a full car service, which includes changing oils, fluids, chaging parts, filters, etc.

Now, when you look at people at the grocery store, they are usually buying canned foods, frozen foods, packed foods, which are full of aditives, conservatives, sugars, dairy, meats, alcohol, etc. They usually buy very little fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals. Which means they are consumig low quality foods, or food that are not designed to keep us at peak performance. I alreadey talked about toxicity here. Lets leave the GMOs discussion for later.

Besides feeding the body with junk, we never allow it to take a break, to get the necessary “service” . It is true that the body has the ability to heal and restore itself, but in order for it to do it right, we first need to help it by not eating things that harm it, and secondly by allowing it to dump all the junk it has acumulated.

Our body is so wonderful that even if we feed it “diesel instead of gasoline”, it manages to get the best out of it, however, because it is not designed to process it, it will begin to wear down. A car is not able to restore itself, it will just siply stop working. But our body manages to keep going with what it has available, sometimes for a very long time.

In the long term it will begin to break down and this is when sickness will occur. Health is its natural state. Just like a new car, it should work perfectly fine, but if we don’t allow it to take a break and clean it, it will break down, sooner or later.

This is why it is so important to do periodical body cleanses. They will allow you to get rid of toxins stored within your body. These cleansings are just like “car services”.

Everything I talk about here is product of my own experience and studies.

I hope this information helps you. Feel free to leave me a comment. I’d love to talk to you.

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