Treatment for Celiac Disease

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Avoiding gluten is just evading the problem and not a real tratment. Not really. It is true that it is the first step in order to stop poisoning yourself, but there is way more things you can do in order to have a true treatment for Celiac Disease. Specially if you wish to regain your over all health and gluten tolerance.

I will share my experience and every single thing I have tried that has proven to help me. Not only from the diet view point (going gluten free) but also on the emotional, physical and pshychological aspects.

Every post I share on my blog is written randomly since there are a lot of things to talk about and sometimes I just wake up inspired to speak about a particular thing. However on this page I will keep a treatment index ordering my posts in a logical manner. It may be possible that when you come back to this index, you’ll find new information ordered before some others that you may have already read. Don’t be suprised if that happens.

Everything I’ll share here is a product of my own research, and self experimentation. Most of my reasearch has come from books, videos, conferences, seminars, documentaries, talks with specialists, etc. Everything that comes from other sources than me I will cite. The rest of the information which has “no source” is part of my own experience and realizations. I really hope all this information proves helpful to you.

General health and mindset context

Understating Celiac Disease


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