I have already talked about Aspartame and Monosodic Glutamate and how toxic these can be. But if we truly wish to be healthy we must eliminate as much toxic intake as we can.

A big problem with traditional medicine, or alopathic medicine, is that it doesn’t take into account this important aspect: toxicity. It only considers it important once it has become a poisoning and usually from alcohol or drugs in the system, but not before when it was just about toxicity. The problem here is that our “modern” way of life is extremely toxic. It doesn’t matter if we have celiac disease or not.  Our health will inevitably will become compromised by this “modern” lifestyle.

An other important aspect is that “cleansing” procedures are considered scams by official medicine. They are only considered as anechdotal testimonies with no true validity. They usually say something like “there are no studies to support these claims”. It is obvious that they would say something like this, because there is no profit involved in these cleansing procedures. So, if there is no profit potential, why would they fund an investigation of this nature? Always remember, if things don’t make sense, follow the money and they will.

In order to understand what toxicity is, we must understand what a toxin is. In simple terms, a toxin is something that interferes with our physiology and has a negative impact in our bodily functions.

Endotoxins are waste created by our own cells. Just as we need to excrete what our bodies don’t need anymore, so do our cells. If our systems become blocked and these endotoxins acumulate in our bodies, illneses will occur.

Exotoxins are toxins that come from outside the body. Most of our industrialized products contain them, not only our foods, but also perfumes, cosmetics, tooth pastes, shampoos, soaps, etc. So even if we strive to eat healthy, by being in constant contact with these type of products, our bodies are becoming intoxicated. This is the price of living in a “modern society”.

This video explains this in just 8 minutes.

As long as we are poisoning our bodies, the end result will be obvious: illness. It’s just a matter of simple logic. This is why it is so important to do body cleansings regularily, at least one every six months, even if we eat healthy.

I will explain different cleansing procedures I’ve done, tell you how they work, what you have to do, and what you can expecct. Stay tuned for more.

I phope this information helps you. Feel free to leave me a comment.

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