Natural treatment for celiac disease

Is there a natural treatment for celiac disease?

I’ve dedicated my last 10 years to finding a cure to this condition through natural approaches.

What I have found is that there is a way to stop and revert the condition through them, however it has been a very long journey and it includes a lot of different things apparently disconected from eachother.

In order to understand my journey, first we most establish a few fundamentals. Total health is comprised of four aspects.

You must be thinking “I was looking for some herbs or something that could help me and this guy is talking about emotions and spiritual stuff“. Bare with me, I started out exactly there, just looking for a quick answer to my condition, but the more I kept researching and puting into practice, the deeper the rabbit whole went.

When I was just getting started on my journey to finding a cure, I had a great opportunity of meeting a Taoist monk who specializes obviously in chinese medicine. He told me something that at the very begining of my journey sounded “crazy”, however my years of research confirmed it.

He said “From matter we can alter the spirit, and from spirit we can alter matter, and everything inbetween“. At first that didn’t make sense to me, until years later I stumbled upon this little graphic or tetrahedron.

We will only be healthy if the four aspects of the tetrahedron are in balance.

Health is our natural state, so if you are asking for a “natural treatment”, what you are really looking for is a way to go back to your natural state, to your health. In order to do that, you have to go back to your roots and regain your true nature. I hope this makes sense.

Lets take a quick look at the four aspects of the tetrahedron and then see how we usually do whatever is necesary to disrupt them.

Spiritual aspect

Science rejects that such a thing really exists (although every year the get closer to finding it), and religion keeps it in a state of faith and not true knowingness.

The faith that religion teaches is based on “believing” that there is an aspect beyond the physical world. But true faith is not about believing, but about KNOWING that it really is this way. But there is only one way of truly knowing this and that is by experiencing it. No matter what any prophet can say, the important thing is that you experience it by yourself. That is why in Buddhism it is said “if you see a buddha, kill him”. Because you should not believe anything that nobody tells you. You should only trust in your own experience. So how do you work your spiritual aspect? First you must make of meditation or silence the cornerstone that governs your life, and second, you must be faithful to yourself without hurting anyone. Following what represents your greatest passion. I rule my life under the following premise “Do what you want, as long as you do not impose your will on anyone.”

The irony of this point, specifically with Judeo-Christians, is that if someone says “I am the child of God” because he already had the experience of which I speak of and already KNOWS that this is his nature, then they will want to kill him and say ” Jesus is the only son of God “and yet Jesus was also killed for saying just that.

Emotional Aspect

When you begin to work your spiritual aspect, then your emotions begin to reflect it. You’ll be more calm, your attachments begin to disappear, you understand that each person lives her own reality and from her perspective experiences her truth. You begin to open your heart and experience compassion for yourself and everything around you. Serenity begins to become manifest and occurs naturally. It is not a repression, it is authentic. If you make meditation a natural state in you, you will begin to be a more serene and calm person, if you begin to experience that, then you are on the right track. There are many specific techniques to accomplish that, but I will not talk about it here.

Mind or mental aspect

Everything is related, when you begin to work your meditations, just as your emotions stop manifesting in a negative way, your thoughts also begin to change. Prejudices, victimhoods, ego, mental programming, over-thinking, mental chattering, the desire to always be right about everything, etc. They all become silent. Attaining a “no mind” state is the way. Like the scene of the Last Samurai, when they are practicing with the bamboo sword, where the Samurai explains to the general that in order to be able to do it right, he must leave the mind behind. It’s a very deep scene. The mind is a great servant, but a lousy teacher. This is because the mind only knows about duality, since this is its inherent nature (hence the two hemispheres), therefore whenever a person is totally governed by the mind, it creates a divided and contradictory reality. He says one thing and he does another. Every thought he has will also have another equal but opposite. That is why it is important to learn to silence the mind.

The Physical aspect

The physical aspect is the most explored in our current society, but still it is very important to remember how to mantain your body in perfect balance. It is important to eat a healthy and toxic free diet, drink enough water, sleep well, exercise, perform organic cleanings, etc. Much of that I will speak in the rest of this blog.

Remember, you are not your body, nor your mind, emotions or spirit. All those things are part of you but you are more than the sum of those parts. Those parts are the way you manifest in this reality, but you are something else entirely. I don’t want to dwelve too much into those subjects. Not now.

Now lets reflect a little bit about these four aspects and how we do everyhting in our power to be sick.

First let’s look at our socially accepted behavior and how it influences our health.

The spiritual aspect: as I mentioned, is generally rejected, and those who try to approach it, don’t really dare to actually live it, but instead they leave it in the field of faith. This is what happens with religions and the new age movement, they turn it into a belief system not an experience. This is why your spiritual nature is not experienced in depth, and so its actually “starving”. Connecting to your spiritual nature is an extatic experience, not a belief system.

The emotional aspect: as a society we love melodramas, everything in this life has to be a drama if not, our life does not make sense. Family dramas, labor dramas, victimhoods, traumas, attachments, etc. This is absolute emotional imbalance.

The mental aspect: as a society we are full of prejudices, we always want to be right, we want to compete and defeat others, (that is the beginning of the war), we judge and reject as we please and we are never able to see ourselves in the mirror. Basically, our heads are full of dirt.

Physical aspect:, although this is changing, it is still common to feed ourselves on industrialized, transgenic food, it’s common to not exercise, we reject our body so we preffer surgeries to “correct” it, we drink soda, alcohol, smoke tobacco, we eat junk food or fast food; We don’t cleanse and maintain our body, we don’t get quality sleep, we stress at work, etc. This will render the body sooner or later totally useless.


If we see that in general these are social habits, it will come as no surprise that society is totally sick. As Krishnamurti rightly put it, “It is not a sign of health to be well adjusted to a deeply sick society”

So, again, is there a natural treatment for celiac disease?

Not only for celiac disease, but for any disease. The basic “treatment” or way to go, is to regain balance of the four aspects of the tetrahedron. You must be thinking, “But I want to know how to treat my gut, is there a specific diet for doing so?“, yes there is. You can click here to read about it.

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