Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust the information you share on this site?

All the information I share here is product of my own research, study and experience. I can’t guarantee that what worked for me will certainly work for you, however it is possible that my experience can open a window of opportunity for you to explore new approaches in order to regain your health. You don’t have to believe absolutely anything I say, all I offer is a different approach to what conventional medicine preaches and that has worked for me.

What do you gain by sharing this information?

The satisfaction that my experiences, mistakes, and research can help others to regain their health and quality of life.

Is it true that you are cured from this disease?

On this day I can’t say that I’m completely cured, because I know there are some emotional aspects I still need to heal. I’ve realized that when I’m under emotional stress my symptoms come back or get worse. What I can say is that to this day I can now go out and eat anywhere without fear of getting a negative reaction on the next days. I can drink beer and sometimes eat food that contains small amounts of gluten and have no negative reactions. I still am however very careful and mindful of what I eat. We could say that I found a way to control the disease insted of it controling me, which is something not every celiac can say.

If what you say is true, how long will it take for me to get to the same point you are in?

Every person and body is different, it will depend on how deteriorated your health and organs are. Personally it took me about two years to get to this point. I saw much more improvement on my second year because I made way less mistakes than in the first one. If my experience helps you, you could be able to get to this point way faster than me.

What proof can you offer to guarantee that this actually works?

Besides my own experience, I have pictures of my liver flushes, pictures of me having way less hair than I do now, friends and medical testimonys that have seen my improvement.

Why do you recommend alternative medicine approaches? Official medicine says there is no cure.

I speak about my own experience and what has helped me. In my experience official medicine says that the origin of this disease is genetic, and thus there is nothing we can do to fix it but avoid the problem (gluten free diet) and craying in the corner for having an incurable disease. I can guarantee that if I had followed the official medical protocols I would not be here right now sharing this information.

In my research I found that natural medicines like chinese medicine or ayurveda don’t call this disease a true sickness but a lack of balance within the body that only needs to be restored.

I urge you to take responsability for your own health.

What treatment has proven to be more beneficial?

Every single thing I’ve done has helped me to regain my health. I’ve done and taken different approaches such as dieting, homeopathy, healing herbs, acupuncture, etc. I’ve also met “healers”, tried chinese medicine  and ayurveda. Each and every one of those things I’ve tried has allowed me to understand the puzzle of this condition.

Are you a health specialist?

Absolutely not, I do study about it a lot, but I do not consider myself a specialist. I do however have been fortunate enough to meet several people that are. With them I share what I’ve studied, the insights I’ve gotten, my symtoms, findings, etc. The fact that I have been able to talk to so many specialist throughout the years has allowed me to learn a lot about health in general and celiac disease in particular.

Do you think the celiac disease can be reversed or cured?

I do, however if you take the approach I have taken, it may take several years. It is totally up to you. One thing we must understand is that our emotions and toxicity within our body are the cause of 99% of any disease. Our bodies are perfectly designed, but if our emotions are not “healthy” and our bodies are intoxicated, our chemistry and our biological processes will become altered and thus we will get sick. All negative emotions disrupt our balance, which will affect our inner organs like liver, pancreas, spleen, intestines, etc. If we understand the great impact our emotions have on our health and work towards balancing them, we will help our internal organs to work in more balance. Besides if we do whatever is necessary to “detoxify” our bodies, our health will be restored.

We must understand that the physical aspect is the “easy part”. Our emotions are a much harder thing to balance. There will never be a true cure if we dont change the way we approach, and expericence life. We may “clean” our bodies, but if we don’t change our emotional habits, then sooner or later the imbalance will manifest again and our disease (whichever it may be) will come back. Cleansing the body is a critical part because it will help the body to restore its innate balance, however is just one part of the whole puzzle.

Deprograming our emotions is too hard, can I do something else?

Without working the emotional aspect there will never be a true cure, however if you wish to improve your overall health and quality of life, I recommend that you detoxify your body, eat clean and natural, go as vegan as you can. Avoid industrialized foods, buy your fruits and vegetables from your local market, the same with poultry, fish, eggs and meats. Try to get them from local stores and not super markets. My strongest advice would be for you to know what you are eating and where it comes from. Take full responsability of what you eat.

I’m Celiac and Diabetic, is there something I should do?

According to what I have learnt about chinese medicine, both problems are a result of unbalanced spleen-pancreas cause by a chronic liver illments. I’d recommend to begin restoring the livers balance. You may start by doing a liver flush. I’ve done that procedure more than 15 times, and my whole condition improved notoriously. It is not  a risky procedure as long as you do it right. I recommend teh book calles “liver flush” by Andras Moritz.

I want to do the liver flush, how do I find the Epsom Salts?

You may fing the on the Internet, however where I live, the easiest way for me to get them was going to a store that sells laboratory supplies. There I asked for “magnesium sulfate anhydrous”.

Is there any risk on doing the liver flush?

Absolutely not, as long as you follow the procedures instructios to the letter. Before doig my first flush I was scared of what could happen or if I would feel or get sick after it. Our fears make us believe that it might be a painful process, but in reality, once you do it, you realize that it is a very simple and straight forward process. The only “problem” was fear of the unknown.

Are you a vegan / vegetarian?

We could say that I’m 90% vegetarian. I do eat eggs, cheese, and drink milk. I strive to be a vegan, however I’ve found that a fully vegan diet doesnt suit me. I’ve been a full vegan for more than 8 months, but instead of feeling healthy and strong I started feeling tired and weak. Once I incorporated meat and dairy on my diet, I began feeling way better. Being vegan is not for everyone, although I respect those who choose that kind of lifestyle.

As I said, I try to be as vegan as possible, however once a week, sometimes more others less, I do eat meat. I do it when I feel like it, it’s not a habit.

Who is the master you so often mention? I’d like to meet him.

I learned Tantra from Swami Kurmarajadasa I’ve been his disciple for almost 10 years. He lives in spain and doesn’t sspeak english, however if you are interested in learning about him and his teachings, you may find him here

Because of everything I’ve learned from him, is that I now know the tools to work, understand and heal emotionally.

I don’t believe anything you say.

I don’t require that you do and don’t expect it eaither. I will keep sharing my experiences and information in hopes that I can help anyone who needs it. Everyone is free to choose to believe in whatever they wish.

The books you recommend are too expensive and do not follow official medicine protocols.

In order to find a cure we must open our minds to new alternatives and possibilities. As long as we limit ourselves to only one possibility, we will experience limitations everywhere.

If you think the books I recommend are too expensive or you are not willing to invest in your education, I truly doubt you will be willing to do whatever is necessary to restore your health.

Have you read every single book you recommend?

I wouldn’t recommend them if I hadn’t read them.

I’m a certified doctor and I don’t agree with the information you are posting here. 

I’m sharing my experience and all the information I’ve come across in my search for a cure. You are free to accept it or reject it.

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