About me

Hi! My name is Andrik Gutierrez, I’m building an english version of my existing blog www.soyceliaco.org

The main focus of this website is to share my experience with celiac disease and my search for a cure. I’ve been on a long journey looking for a cure for this condition, from being on the brink of death because of ignorance, to a 99% recovery of my health. I say this due to the fact that now I am able to consume moderate quantities of non-gluten free foods without having a negative reaction to them.

My research and self treatment has included many aspects, including a gluten free diet, natural remedies, chinese medicine techniques, ayurveda, physical, psychological and spiritual aspects, as well as different unconventional approaches that have helped me to regain my health.

Almost every specialist who talks about celiac disease says that there is no cure for it. That the only remedy and hope we have is to stay on a gluten free diet. Although I agree that a gluten free diet is necessary at the begining of the “treatment”, I fully disagree that it is the only thing we can do. That is not a real solution, but avoidance of the problem, and staying in a state of fear and ignorance about its nature. My intention here is to empower you to regain your health, to let you have full control of your own body and life.

You’ll get to know my story, advice, mistakes, experiencces, etc. For every single piece of “medical” advice that I may give you, I will always cite my sources, which some come from books, others from seminars and doctor I have been in contact with.

The idea here is to inform you of all the things I have done that have helped me, and that you too could put into practice in order to regain your health. However, I cannot be held responsible for any missuse of this information. You should always consult your doctor and get propper medical advice.

If you wish to contact me, you can mail me at info@imceliac.org

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